The HSF Story

Marcus Burgess has been has been successfully training clients for 10 years on the Gold Coast with Heart Start Fitness.  Utilising the arsenal of knowledge he has amassed over 20 years of experience in Martial Arts and Muay Thai, he has guided countless clients of all fitness levels toward achieving their goals.  As a result, the business has grown from strength to strength; with some clients traveling from as far as North Brisbane each week to train with Marcus on the Gold Coast.

The Heart Start Fitness journey began in 1987, in a small church hall in Ballarat, in regional Victoria.  Marcus began Martial Arts training in the exceptionally challenging Japanese art of Ninjutsu, achieving his black belt 10 years later.  This success prompted him to seek out another challenge; he found it in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate, offered by the Bob Jones Corporation at the Ballarat Academy of Martial Arts.  He once again obtained a black belt, and once again was on the hunt for a fresh challenge.  At the time, the Ballarat Academy of Martial Arts also offered the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai.  Although it was relatively new here in Australia, Marcus decided to try it out.

It only took a few classes before he was completely hooked.  He knew that he wanted to take on Muay Thai next.  After training five days a week for nearly two years, Marcus attained the coveted 2nd degree black singlet (under The Bob Jones Corporation grading system).  From here he began to train the first of of his amateur fighters. After a successful period, he decided that it was his turn to get into the Mauy Thai boxing ring. The only question was where to begin the new leg of his journey.  After watching a DVD of Aussie World Champion “John” Wayne Parr, it became clear to Marcus that the Boonchu Gym in Queensland was the place to be.  He didn’t waste much time, migrating north to the Gold Coast in 2001 to train and fight out of the Boonchu Gym with “John” Wayne.

Over his years of training and fighting, Marcus developed a strong passion for health and fitness.  He wanted to employ his knowledge & experience to ignite the same passion in others, whilst helping them achieve their fitness goals.  After completing his International Personal Trainers qualification in 2004 (click here for details), he founded Heart Start Fitness to do just that.  He has trained a range of people from mums, dads, children and teenagers all looking to get fit; as well as both male and female fighters.  In addition to this, Marcus has conducted classes for women’s and children’s self defense. He’s also conducted specialised training for military personnel, police and one member of a counter terrorism group in Muay Thai and unarmed combat techniques.

After years of training clients, Marcus knows all too well that if his clients aren’t comfortable, they won’t be as committed to achieving their goals.  As such he has made a commitment with Heart Start Fitness, to helping people achieve their fitness goals through quality Muay Thai and strength training, in a relaxed one on one environment.  The Muay Thai Personal Training sessions combine the weapons of Muay Thai (punches, kicks, knees & elbows) with functional strength training (utilising kettle bells, medicine balls & body weight exercises).

It’s this genuine commitment to quality and affordable training that saw Marcus move Heart Start Fitness from his home due to high demand.  He’s now based at Urban Fight Gym in Miami, owned by long time friend Richard Walsh and home of multiple world champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett.  It’s turned out to be a fantastic, complementary alliance, with the gym also offers fighter training, fitness classes, massage and naturopathy.

The Trainer

The Trainer