Heart Start Fitness Successes

Heart Start Fitness has guided an abundance of people toward achieving their health and fitness goals.  Below are just a couple who were delighted to share their progress with you.

Jeff has been training with Heart Start Fitness for over 3 years now.  He started at 144kgs and is now down to 112kgs and still training hard!  With a nutritional advise from our trainer Marcus and consistent training, Jeff is now on the road to a more fulfilling lifestyle!

Jeff before photo with JWP

Jeff before photo with JWP

Jeff progress photo

Jeff progress photo

Jeff today with Carnage

Jeff today with Carnage and still training harder and stronger than ever!!


















Renee lost 7kg in a 12 week challenge.  She also finished her first mini-triathlon this year with a time of 23 minutes.

Renee Side Before

Renee After Side






Renee Before Front

Renee After Front














Another Heart Start Fitness Champion is Ali, who lost 38kg in just under 12 months.












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